Unleashing powerful stories from diverse voices

Our Vision


An entertainment industry that proportionately features thought-provoking stories from BIPOC and underrepresented communities that deserve to be heard worldwide.

Our Mission


Develop, package, pitch and distribute projects from up-and-coming storytellers who are creating content for TV and film that empowers, educates and entertains.


Our Method



Our clients are cherished partners who we collaborate with to help their production goals become a reality through our partnerships with networks, streaming platforms and production companies.


Social Impact

We love developing content that makes a social impact and delivers audiences untold stories that are relevant and important.



We cultivate and build long-term ethical relationships with clients and industry contacts to become a trusted partner.

Nubia-DuVall-Wilson-Naomi-Pandolfi-Guy Fortt-Starfury-Productions-Co-Founders-Black-owned-minority-owned-women-owned-TV-and-film-production-company
From L-R: Nubia DuVall Wilson, Guy Fortt, and Naomi Pandolfi

The Backstory


Starfury Productions is a Black-owned, minority-owned and majority women-owned TV and film production company launched in Winter 2020 with three partners scattered across the country during COVID–Los Angeles, Connecticut and New York. Guy, Naomi and Nubia wanted to leverage their decades of experience in front of and behind the camera to break down barriers in the entertainment industry for BIPOC (Black, Hispanic, Asian, Indigenous, etc.) and other underrepresented communities. The term “starfury” represents dreams, drive and growth. As a little girl, co-founder Nubia stared at the moon and the stars out of her bedroom window at night to mentally escape and daydream, while repressing difficult memories from her childhood. The big night sky reminded her that there was a bigger world out there for her–it saved her. The constellation in Starfury’s logo represents the numbers 4 and 7 as symbols of creativity, depth and dependability. The team at Starfury bring untold stories to the forefront for up-and-coming writers and content creators whose features deserve to be amplified.